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As a leading High Risk Merchant Account and service provider, we understand the solutions needed to help you "Move Business Forward". From High Risk to Standard Risk Merchants, our solutions provide the longevity needed for you to succeed in business. 


A corporate-wide commitment to providing clients the highest quality products and services has allowed us to achieve phenomenal success since opening our doors. We deliver cost-effective solutions that clients can customize to meet their specific needs. As a service provider, we provide access to virtually all types of electronic payment transactions for all types of businesses, financial institutions and retail merchants across the United States and Canada.

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  • ACH Solutions

  • Recuring Billing

  • Credit/Debit Card

  • E-Commerce Gateway 

  • Check Acceptance

  • V/MC Branded Solutions

  • ATM Point of Banking (P.O.B.) 

  • MMJ Processing

  • High Risk ACH Solutions

  • High Risk Merchant Processing

  • High Volume/High Transaction Accts.

  • Signature Loans

  • Recievables Financing

  • Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

  • Gift/Loyalty/Instant Issue Gifting

  • Terminal Sales/Leasing

  • EIN Registration Services

  • International Merchant Accounts

Push Cheques has many benefits...

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  • Easy approval & set up process

  • Accept payments in real time

  • Integrated Shopping Cart

  • Peer To Peer Pay

  • Pay vendor bills directly from gateway

  • Funds deposited directly into checking account

  • No Reserves

  • Over 100 Industries Served

  • Fast Approval for Domestic and Non-Domestic

  • Virtual Bank Account Access for Depositing Funds

  • Fraud protection for the merchant & consumer




Our solutions enable you to provide the services your clients expect of you, while reducing your cost to do so. Your customers do not know whether your paying 25 or 50 basis points on your abilty to accept all forms of payment. But they do know when its costing them in service related features. 

We have a wide network of profiders to fit your specific need. Our processing platform was built from the ground up over the past decade to provide high-speed transactions without any remnants of out-of-date technology. Our network offers data processing depth and capacity coupled with system redundancy for complete dependability. We provide a consolidated, easy-to-read statement that clearly explains your account. Access your account online anytime for up-to-the-minute information.

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BluePay Processing, LLC is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA, U.S.A.
BluePay Canada ULC, is a Registered ISO/MSP of Peoples Trust Company, Vancouver, Canada.