Reduce Dice

About Us....

We are a leading provider of point-of-sale equipment, merchant accounts, e-commerce and electronic payment solutions. With agent office locations in the USA and Canada, we offer merchants, restaurateurs, retailers, e-commerce, and other business owners, an array of affordable, reliable credit card terminals, supplies, electronic payment accounts and maintenance programs.


About our Processing....

For over a decade, we have been at the forefront of payment innovations in the USA. We invented the concept of honest open reporting in the electronic payments environment, and in the process launched the "Simple Solutions" model, a payment solution that helped drive an industry. Our payment innovations now touch financial transactions of all kinds in the USA and Canada. Our integrated financial solutions are changing the way companies manage data, pay their employees, process merchant transactions, and manage spending on key business purchases from travel to fuel. As a pioneer in the concept of stored value, we have fundamentally changed the retail industry through our financial solutions. Every day, our network of providers enables millions of transactions for merchants, shoppers, and employees through secure, robust and scalable networks. Listening closely to our customers, we develop custom solutions that help drive their success.


Our Impact on the Environment....









Our Branding....

Our Name - Globility Link

Is a name that represents our position in the transaction process. We provide the link from the consumer to the merchant that helps keep commerce moving forward.  Rooted in our business name, is the guiding force for us to always base our decisions on respect, purpose, and client profitability, rather than on our economic outcome alone.

Our Logo

Our logo is based on the shape of a compass and the globe. We chose this design for its use as a symbol of growth, evolution and direction. It exemplifies our intent to build a business based on higher principles of living so that its growth benefits our environment, our customers and our communities.

We believe that our planet is a source of renewable wealth and opportunity. We strive to consume as little resources as needed, to use as much recycled products in our daily course of business and give back what

we don't use.


Our innovative program called Re-Fund, affordably allows us to donate no longer needed (NLN) facility assets (furniture, supplies, equipment) and avoids traditional landfill destinations by redistributing those assets to schools, non-profits and health facilities that are in need of additional resources to conduct their work.