BitCoin Merchant Accounts....

Bitcoin Merchant Services & Credit Card Processing for Online Bitcoin Dealers & Businesses!

Many banks have stopped providing merchant accounts to the Bitcoins Industry,but we have solutions available!

Due to the risks associated with the Bitcoins industry, many US banks consider companies involved in bitcoins and alternative currencies to be a high risk business and have stopped providing merchant accounts to those businesses.

In fact, even many of the International high risk merchant accounts will not underwrite Bitcoin businesses. Many merchant account providers do not understand the issues surrounding the Bitcoin industry and will provide a merchant account that will eventually be terminated, which is not only highly disruptive to any business, but it also makes it more difficult to qualify for a merchant account in the future, since the termination would have to be disclosed on future merchant applications.

Globility Link offers credit card processing solutions specifically for merchants in the online and mail order Bitcoin industry and we do have both domestic US and international solutions available.


You can rest assured that you will not have your merchant account terminated simply for being in the Bitcoins business.

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