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Currently there are no robust E-Card Programs directed at small to medium sized merchants in the virtual space that allows brands to design, build, and implement an online/mobile gifting program. We are changing that. 


The old school of thought is that you have to buy a program from a card provider or a merchant services provider and have plastic cards issued. These programs require that the merchant pay the provider high setup fees, transaction fees, design and reporting fees and are usually not portable. 


Why cant a merchant create, brand and promote these programs on thier own, through an online portal and supported by a mobile app and still be cost effective? Why not indeed! 


Our solution allows the merchant to access our design program. The merchant can then create or import their brand specific images and profile to generate a fully featured program at a fraction of the cost of the traditional method. Most importantly its portable and not tied to a processor or card provider so the merchant can have as many or a few users with out scalability cost. 


Merchants can then issue a Cloud Card that resides on a mobile device inside the application, a printable certificate or a plastic card (if desired). Customers can go to the app link from a merchants website or marketing email/text and download the mobile app. Once downloaded the consumer can set the purchase amount of the card, pay for the loading balance and track its usage. Merchants are then notified in real time of purchases and usages via the application and all transaction charges are automaticaly withdrawn via ACH from the merchants funding account either monthly or daily.


Merchants would then pay a very small transaction fee for each card funding and purchase using the card. Most card programs are scaled based on card issuance or usage (the less cards the more expensive).


Our program is different, merchants can have as many or as few members as desired without changing the cost structure of the program. Our program does not require any term commitments and is easy to use. 


We provide templates to choose from or create your own look and feel from a blank template. 

Announcing Cloud Card
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The Cloud Card gift cards and other products don’t have to be plastic cards. Our cloud-based system allows our products and services to be provided over your customers’ preferred media e.g. mobile. The Cloud Card module enables customers to order e-gift cards to be sent straight to the recipient’s inbox or picked up from a secure website.



Time-stressed customers buy Cloud Cards because they want or need the gift card to arrive instantly. Cloud Cards are delivered in real-time by email, text or over Facebook, even to the recipient’s mobile phone. They can be used like traditional gift cards and can be accepted in every channel.



Compared to physical cards, Cloud Cards are still in a stage of rapid product growth. They are more cost effective in all areas of merchants gift programs.


Ease of In-store Use

In addition to the secure Cloud Card number, the Cloud Card can be generated as a barcode or QR code, email or text. The recipient can either print it out or access it on their mobile device and have it scanned by a POS.



The Cloud Card can be fixed or flex value and can have different designs. You can create and edit the email templates using our administrative portal. Our Cloud Cards can be delivered direct to the recipient or they can be sent a link to pick them up from a secure website. This feature is one of the many modules available for the Customer WebSuite.