Link 22 Commerce Gateway

Our Gateway Says YES!


MMJ? Yes!, CBD? Yes!, Online Tech Support from India? Yes!, MLM? Yes!, ED Sales? Yes! The list goes on and on. Activate your gateway account in 15 Mins for Domestic and 60 Mins for Non-Domestic merchants. Get paid in real time on each transaction! Merchant gets paid in real time on every sale. Contact us for more details on this innovative, patented solution that puts the power of E-commerce within reach to all merchants that have a difficult time getting approved for processing. 

Payment Processing & Funding Solutions


  • Easy approval & set up process

  • Accept payments in real time

  • Integrated Shopping Cart

  • Peer To Peer Pay

  • Pay vendor bills directly from gateway

  • Funds deposited directly into checking account

  • No Reserves

  • Over 100 Industries Served

  • Fast Approval for Domestic and Non-Domestic

  • Virtual Bank Account Access for Depositing Funds

Training Materials,

Get started accepting transactions payments today!

Program Resources

What is Check 22?

Check 21 vs Check22

Program Training Documents (Merchant)

Adding VPOS Operators

VPOS Operator Training

Loading/Funding your CashBox

How do I Refund from my CashBox Balance?

How do I Refund from my Business Bank Account?

How do I Pay my Vendors/Employees from CashBox?

Program Training Videos (Merchant)

This video is a full outline of the program, for individual aspects of the program please see the training documents above the video.​