Gift Cards....



Gift cards are popular to both give and to receive and offer a convenient gift giving and payment option for consumers any time of year. According to a Gift Card Market Study, 93% percent of consumers polled said they would rather receive a $25 gift card than an actual gift that costs $25.


Arm your business with your own prepaid reloadable gift cards.

Your brand and your business stay top of mind with your customers while giving them an easy payment system with a swipe of their card. Better yet, combine your gift cards with a loyalty program and watch the business roll in.


Globility Link will work with you to create a custom gift card that fits seamlessly with your brand.


Globility Links easy-to-use gift cards works with your existing payment infrastructure.


Globility Link gift card and loyalty solutions are affordable for any business.




Rain Cloud

  Our Gift Card Program is a simple, affordable way to:


  • Generate Additional Revenue. Gift cards become another product for you to sell.


  • Increase Cash Flow. When customers purchase gift cards, you instantly get cash in hand. When customers redeem them, they either spend more or less than the face value. Either way, your margins go up and you win!


  • Maximize Your Profits. Provide your customers with an easy, thoughtful gift for any occasion. Gift cards are like a referral or personal endorsement from the giver to the receiver, to try your product or service.


  • Increase Frequency and Loyalty. Reward your customers for their business and they’ll be more likely to come back and spend with you again. This can also be accomplished by creating stored-value cards that customers can load money onto and keep spending with you.


  • Expand Your Customer Base. Gift cards are great for encouraging trial and attracting new customers to your business. You can also develop joint venture strategies with other local, non-competitive but complementary businesses.


  • Use as Bonus Items or Incentives. Gift cards can also be given away to customers or staff. You are in complete control of the amount and any new business will offset the cost.


  • Brand Your Business and Build Recognition. Every time your gift card is given, received or comes out of someone’s wallet, it’s another chance for you to make an impression. Choose from our attractive templates or custom-design your own premium cards.