Respect & 

Our mission is to provide excellent service while showing compassion for our environment, our communities, our customers and ourselves. This compassion is expressed as RESPECT:

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For ourselves....


We set out to build the type of company that we would like to work for ourselves: one that cares about the people who work there and gives them the opportunity to succeed without ever compromising their integrity. We treat our employees with respect and compassion, and evaluate all work policies on the basis of their impact on employee’s work-life balance. Our goal is to provide a work environment that fosters a healthy mind, body and spirit. We believe in the fundamental right to equality for all families and have a zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. This mindset allows us to clear out whatever might be preventing us from enjoying the present moment, and set ourselves on a positive trajectory for a full and rich life


For our Customer's.... 


A driving force behind the creation of Globility Link was to create a company that always treated its customers with honesty, fairness and a great deal of respect. By consolidating our marketing focus and reaching out to like-minded companies, we are able to make respecting and upholding our customers’ values integral to our business.


For our Community....


We believe in the need to give back to the communities that sustain us and to show compassion for those in need. Dedicating a portion of our net profits to charitable organizations that care for sick, underprivileged, underrepresented and exploited people, animals and land, is our way of showing respect and care for all aspects of our community.







For the Environment....



At Globility Link, we employ sustainable business practices. Internally, our company uses earth-friendly and recycled office products and sustainable energy sources. Externally, we choose to interface with companies that share the same care for the environment. 




























When we first conceived of Globility Link, we knew that the company should reflect our strongest beliefs, morals, and intentions.  We began with a deep sense of stewardship, global awareness, sustainability and compasion, towards the environment, all living creatures, and people. We still take this belief to heart every day.


Many people ask us "How can a merchant services company be green?" We're glad you asked! We know that even though we are not manufacturing a product, we can still make a huge difference in our environmental impact by operating with conscious choices. Whenever possible, we choose local, sustainable, socially-responsible, vendors and suppliers. We call this "The Respect Effect".

                                                                                                                                          Here is what that looks like... 


If you need to accept credit cards, get a merchant account that does some good! Supporting the community of humankind is a founding tenet of Globility Link. Giving back is a reflection of Globility Links mantra: right intention, right action, right now.


Office Supplies

We buy from local suppliers, Give Something Back, and Donate to school & Charitable Programs.

We buy 100% recycled, refillable, reusable and environmentally safe products, and are chosen whenever possible.



Print Media

We work with green - printers, that are locally owned and fellow family-operated business's, that are dedicated to helping us design the most environmentally friendly printed materials possible. We limit the use of these materials and provide information in electronic formats whenever possible. 

Recycle & Composting

We choose products that can be recycled or composted, and we recycle and compost everything possible. Toner cartridges are refilled by local, green certified Toner Cartridge Services. Electronics, computers light bulbs and batteries are handled responsibly with Green Methods. We also share our bins with office neighbors and encourage them to compost and recycle.

Ivy Vine

We reuse all incoming packaging and purchases 100% recycled PCW boxes and compostable packaging materials.