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Push Cheque Merchant Account Program


Our Peer to Peer Program offers a wide variety of solutions for any size Merchant, High Risk or Standard, We don't discriminate . We are a full disclosure provider meaning that we do not disguise your business as something other than what you are. We are different in how we process the transaction and therefore do not use the Visa/MasterCard or ACH platforms to transact your payments with your customers (this is called Closed Loop). 


Imagine a solution that settles to you in 5 minutes not 5-10 days, with complete privacy, convenience and security, designed specifically for merchants in all High Risk verticals (Except for Gaming). No Reserve accounts need to be maintained, No delays in funding, Super fast approval process, (15 minutes for Domestic merchants and 1 hour for International merchants)

If you need reliable payment processing with a processor that understands your business, you have come to the right place. We are committed to your success, offering the services you deserve at the rates you expect.


Our solutions work for both Retail and Delivery services in all merchant categories as well as all cannabis retail operations. Our program also allows merchants that sell CBD Oil, Kratom, E-Gig, Accessories, and more, Both online and in stores. Do deliveries too! The flexible options for your business are endless! 

Push Cheques has many benefits...


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  • Easy approval & set up process

  • Accept payments in real time

  • Integrated Shopping Cart

  • Peer To Peer Pay

  • Pay vendor bills directly from gateway

  • Funds deposited directly into checking account

  • No Reserves

  • Over 100 Industries Served

  • Fast Approval for Domestic and Non-Domestic

  • Virtual Bank Account Access for Depositing Funds

  • Fraud protection for the merchant & consumer