Green Wealth Solution

Merchants in The High Risk sector of Medical Marijuana have long struggled with getting a solid solution for payment processing. Visa/MC & The Debit Networks, decided to get out of the processing for these merchants based on the Fed Law. Marijuana is classified as a Schedule 1 Drug, what does this exactly mean? Schedule 1 is the ranking reserved for drugs with the greatest potential for abuse and with no medicinal value. Every Day we see science de-bunking this myth, however this changes nothing from the FED's point of view. We see that differently; States see it differently as well. Laws have been enacted on the state levels to allow for the dispensing of Medical Cannabis with a prescription. Business licenses have been issued, Suppliers have been approved, yet the only sure method of sale is via a cash transaction. This places the dispensaries at greater risk of internal theft or worse, violent thefts. Globility Link feels that any business that is legally allowed to operate and is properly licensed, should be afforded the opportunity to sell its products and or services without risk. Welcome to The Green Wealth System...


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