DEA may not Reschedule MMJ in 2016

It's unofficially official. A senior executive at the Drug Enforcement Administration has confirmed that the DEA will not be rescheduling marijuana in 2016, says a local attorney who spoke with him late last week. "The DEA is not going to reschedule marijuana this year.... They aren't issuing a public announcement about the change," the attorney adds.

Many marijuana advocates — and the legislators who support them — have been hoping that the DEA would reschedule marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule II substance. The reclassification would acknowledge that the drug holds medical value and allow for more research.

As we reported last month (see original story below), the DEA had sent a letter to lawmakers in April, saying that the agency would release an announcement on rescheduling in the first half of this year. But July 1 came and went with no announcement, and the DEA has refused to set a new timeline. "We do not have a date set to make an announcement about that one way or another," a representative in the DEA's public-affairs office said today. And it sounds like when that date is set, it won't be in any 2016 calendar.

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