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Globility Link recognizes that our success depends on the efforts of our partners. Our agent portal program for Declines & High Risk Merchants, works to communicate with you when we have received your leads, when we have first contacted your leads, when the accounts are approved, and of course residual reporting.


Our auto-submit system is simple, and easy to use. It will forward any leads to us, let us know that it is from you, and copy you on all leads received.


We’ll do all the work, and share the residuals with you.


A representative will contact your Merchant within 24hrs. to discuss their specific needs and answer any questions that they may have. 


*Please inform your Merchant that we will be reaching out to them so that they can expect our call. This helps in preventing merchants from thinking the call is from a telemarketer. 


Any contact information that you submit will be held strictly confidential.